Chemical Synthesis & Bioactive Molecules
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Irvine Chemistry Lab is a chemical research and development company.  
We specialize  in custom synthesis,  process development, and testing
services of catalog products, drug-like compounds, bioconjugates, and
nutritional products.  We serve pharmaceutical, biotechnology, nutritional
industries, as well as academic and research institutions. We strive to
develop and make new products available for unmet chemical needs.
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inform you of the new development.

What We Provide

Custom Synthesis:  The experienced staff at Irvine Chemistry Laboratory
design and carry out multi-step synthesis of complex organic molecules
from milligram to multi-kilogram scales.  
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Process Development:  Our dedicated scientists efficiently conduct
chemical process research and development, optimizing difficult steps and
scaling up to meet development or commercialization needs.  
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Testing Services:   We apply years of experience in the analytical field to
evaluate your products efficiently and provide the most accurate results.  
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Catalog Products:  We provide a variety of compounds pteridines,
aminophosphonates, pyridines, amino acids, to meet your needs in
chemical development.  
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